About Naturist Photography

Naturist-Nudist-Hamilton-Toronto-Nude-Naked-photo-by-NaturistPhotographerNude photography is my favourite type to shoot. Naturist photography is very different from boudoir or fine art photography. In each, the subject will most likely be nude. But I believe that we should not be trying to sell sex with naturist images. They should be very similar to how the images would look if the subject were clothed. Boudoir on the other hand is all about being sexy. There might be some images that fall into many categories and that’s ok too.

My name is Daniel Szajkowski, being a proud FCN member, I am familiar with the needs of naturist’s. Including the need (for some) for privacy. Seeing how I do all my own work, including printing, I can ensure your photographs will not be made public. Most of the time my contracts include model releases, but special agreements can be made. I’m looking forward to working with fellow naturist’s, to produce some stunning photographs.